Hi, my name is Kasia Harry, the CEO and founder of I Am Me Unapologetically! My passion for helping women navigate through life while battling and overcoming obstacles, inspired me to create this mental health consulting service as well as become a certified self-love coach.

Our mission is to heal and rebuild minority women by enhancing their mental wellbeing through God centered education. Our consulting service provides healing strategies, which include self-care, self-acceptance, and faith based education in order to strengthen personal development. In addition, we assist minority women in rebuilding their lives through beginner entrepreneur education.

Time to heal and rebuild

We welcome women who struggle with mental health illnesses, physical illnesses, domestic violence, emotional abuse, low self esteem, and so much more. We also welcome women who are interested in entrepreneurship but need help with the starting process.

Our goal is that women who struggle with healing and rebuilding will become empowered, gain new skill sets and traits, and learn to love themselves unapologetically, despite their circumstances.

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