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I Am Me Unapologetically

90 Day Self-Care Challenge

90 Day Self-Care Challenge

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This 90 day self-care challenge is designed to introduce and/or enhance self-care activities, build self-trust and self-confidence, and promote daily consistent living. For the next consecutive 90 days, you will monitor your mood, practice "I AM" affirmations, complete a self-care activity and reflect.This journal also contains other tools that will enhance your life when practiced correctly. Inside this journal, you will find worksheets for dream building with a vision board, goal setting, and budgeting.

90 Day Self-Care Challenge: Harry, Kasia: Books


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Time to Heal and Rebuild

We welcome women who struggle with mental health illnesses, physical illnesses, domestic violence, emotional abuse, low self esteem, and so much more. We also welcome women who are interested in entrepreneurship but need help with the starting process.

Our goal is that women who struggle with healing and rebuilding will become empowered, gain new skill sets and traits, and learn to love themselves unapologetically, despite their circumstances.

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