Depressed to Success Webinar
Hosted by: Kasia Harry
Learn how I completely transformed my life in less than a year using tools that were free or little to no cost to me. If I could do it, YOU CAN TOO!
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Host: Kasia Harry
CEO of I Am Me Unapologetically
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Meet Our Host
Hi, my name is Kasia Harry, the CEO of I Am Me Unapologetically! I am also a certified self-love coach! My passion for helping women get through life while battling and overcoming obstacles led me to creating this webinar. It is our mission to help you heal and rebuild your life through God-centered education.
In 2018, I was battling depression and suicidal thoughts. Today, I am walking in purpose! Giving myself the grace to heal has allowed me to overcome everything meant to destroy me. I understand that the weapons will form, but they will NOT prosper!
What Attendees Say?
Read what our clients have to say about our webinar!
“This webinar was helpful. I really learned good tools to go from stressed out to successful. Im so grateful I attended this webinar. As a child of God, I know that He will continue to direct my path!”

Ariana B.


“This webinar has been eye opening and life changing to say the least. You can tell that Kasia takes her time to diligently prepare & phenomenally present the material & she answers any and every question with the best possible answer. I cannot wait to see the results of what I will do with the information I have received. I'm ready for more now because of her!”

David N.


“During difficult times, we all need extra support and encouragement. This webinar gave me the extra encouragement I needed to continue pushing through life. I know that a life of success is meant for me!”

AllegGra H.


A time to heal & a time to rebuild!!
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